Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red
Camino - cherry red

Camino - cherry red

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Optimal protection without unnecessary bulk with slightly shaped padding

Perfect for long hikes

Knitted from our specially tailored blend of natural fibers, the Camino socks adapt to warm and cold conditions. Moisture is drained away to the outside, thereby preventing the formation of odors. The Camino socks keep your feet dry and are consistently comfortable to wear.

The special mixture consists of:

  • 50% baby alpaca
  • 20% Merino wool
  • 10% bamboo
  • 11% nylon
  • 6% elastane
  • 3% spandex

The optimally placed padding cushions the impact of the foot on the ground while still keeping it light and pleasantly fresh.

The ankle-high shaft length provides a secure fit and fully covers the foot , while the elastic arch support keeps the socks in the desired position.

Long durability and optimal stretchability thanks to a nylon/spandex inner mesh. With their strong resistance, they also protect your skin from sun damage.

  • The special, natural ones Alpaca fibers come from free alpaca herds that live in natural ecosystems in the Andean highlands of Peru. Once a year they are sheared in a particularly gentle way and the fleece is sorted. The alpaca wool has 52 natural shades of color.
  • No chemical fibers , but environmentally friendly and sustainable Production that does not change our production of alpaca wool with the added value given to it by nature, but rather preserves them and benefits from them.
  • The Alpaca fibers support the thermoregulatory effects of the body and thus create a vapor barrier that cools in warm weather and warms in cool weather. This makes the stockings an excellent insulator.
  • No unpleasant ones Moisture accumulation , as the surface of our fiber mixture helps to improve the evaporation rate, keeping your foot dry even after long periods of use and ensuring a comfortable fit.
    • Machine wash cold with detergent, mild soap or shampoo with the socks.
    • Items of clothing or accessories must be turned inside out.
    • Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
    • For longer life, avoid using the dryer.
    • Gentle spin drying can be used.
    • Hang to dry in the shade or in the sun for up to 3 hours.

    In the Andes, at an altitude of over 4,000 meters, there are temperature differences of up to 40 degrees over a whole day.

    In order to survive, South American alpacas have adapted to the circumstances and developed a dull fleece wool that cools in the morning sun and warms in the frosty nights.

    These insulating fibers transport moisture to the outside across the surface of the fibers and thus ensure quick drying.

    Alpaca fleece is incredibly soft and soft and thus prevents friction on the skin and the formation of blisters on long hikes.

    Due to the extreme sunlight in the Andes, the fibers are UV-resistant and thus protect the skin from sunlight.

    In contrast to humanely produced fibers, alpaca fiber production is friendly to the environment and animals and works with renewable processes that protect the environment and provide the best quality for everyone.

    With the right size you will find the right level of comfort

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    Product information

    Camino socks Apex socks Sierra socks Cordillera socks Alpha socks
    Characteristic Shaped padding Medium padding Medium padding Strong padding Light padding
    Bladder protection
    Anatomical fit
    Stocking length Calf length Ankle length Calf length Calf length Invisible - high cut
    Main material Technical alpaca , natural fibers.
    Alpaca wool + Merino wool + Bamboo
    Technical alpaca , natural fibers.
    Alpaca wool + Merino wool + Bamboo
    Technical alpaca , natural fibers.
    Alpaca wool + Merino wool + Bamboo
    Technical alpaca , natural fibers.
    Alpaca wool + Merino wool + Bamboo
    Technical alpaca , natural fibers.
    Alpaca wool + Merino wool + Bamboo
    Special feature Antibacterial, thermal adaptability and Moisture control properties Can be used in various conditions Unrivaled softness for maximum comfort Moisture Control & Thermal adaptability for everyday use
    Shoe type Lightweight hiking boots (Category A and A/B) Sports shoes, light casual shoes Lightweight hiking boots (Category A and A/B) Solid mountain boots (category B/C and C) Sports shoes, light casual shoes
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    Features Features


    Alpaca wool is made in such a way that it protects the animals from heat in summer and from cold in winter protects.
    Alpaca fibers are semi-hollow and have naturally antibacterial properties, thermal Adaptability and moisture control.
    It has unmatched softness for maximum comfort and can be used in various conditions be used, be it hot or cold.


    Merino wool mix for good thermal insulation, ideal temperature and moisture transport thanks to three-layer construction.
    The antibacterial and temperature-regulating properties of merino wool ensure that your feet stay warm in winter warm and fresh in summer and sweat-free.
    Merino wool reinforces the material mix and improves the product's resistance to friction and washing for a durable and sustainable product.


    The bamboo socks are silky soft, reducing friction and the risk of blisters.
    The addition of bamboo ensures better odor control, moisture absorption, and Freshness to create the best natural technical equipment.



    It is precisely these three things that define our philosophy.
    We want you to become part of our family.

    Tradition and history


    Working with alpacas presents many challenges as the fibers cannot be extracted using traditional techniques. It requires intensive craftsmanship and knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation.