Alpaca fibers

Knitted from our specially tailored blend of natural fibers, the Andina Outdoors socks adapt to both warm and cold conditions. Moisture is drained away to the outside, thereby preventing the formation of odors. The Andina Outdoors products keep your feet dry and are particularly comfortable to wear at all times.

The special mixture consists of natural and sustainable fibers from the South American Andes

  • 50% baby alpaca from the high and remote areas of Peru
  • 20% Merino wool from Patagonia
  • 10% bamboo from our natural resources
  • 11% nylon to increase durability
  • 6% elastane to improve performance
  • 3% spandex for a perfect fit

The optimally placed padding for cushioning cushions the impact of the foot on the ground while still keeping the foot light and fresh.

Our Aquiles heel tab provides optimal protection against chafing and blisters, while the elastic arch support keeps the socks on your feet as desired. 
Long durability and optimal stretchability thanks to a nylon/spandex inner mesh. With their strong resistance, they also protect your skin from sun damage.

  • The special, natural alpaca fibers come from free alpaca herds that live in natural ecosystems in the Andean highlands of Peru. Once a year they are sheared in a particularly gentle way and the fleece is sorted. The alpaca wool has 52 natural shades of color
  • No chemical fiber , but environmentally friendly and sustainably produced production that does not change our alpaca production with the added value provided by nature, but rather preserves it and benefits from it.
  • The alpaca fibers support the body's thermoregulatory effects , creating a vapor barrier that cools in warm weather and warms in cool weather. This makes the stockings an excellent insulator.

  • No unpleasant moisture accumulation - as the surface of our fiber blend helps to improve the evaporation rate and keeps your foot dry and comfortable even after long periods of use