Our secret

In the Andes, at an altitude of over 4,000 meters, there are temperature differences of up to 40 degrees over a whole day.

In order to survive, South American alpacas have adapted to the circumstances and developed a dull fleece wool that cools in the morning sun and warms in the frosty nights.

These insulating fibers transport moisture to the outside across the surface of the fibers and thus ensure quick drying.

Alpaca fleece is incredibly soft and soft and thus prevents friction on the skin and the formation of blisters on long hikes.

Due to the extreme sunlight in the Andes, the fibers are UV-resistant and thus protect the skin from sunlight.

In contrast to humanely produced fibers, alpaca fiber production is friendly to the environment and animals and works with renewable processes that protect the environment and provide the best quality for everyone.