Yes, we really come from the South American Andes.

We live in Arequipa in the central Andes of Peru. Our proximity to the mountains is the perfect testing ground to create the best all-weather premium socks and clothing.

We ski, snowboard, hike, cycle, mountaineer, run in the harshest and most changeable climates. We design, test and manufacture our products under these conditions.

Yes, the products are tested both in a textile laboratory and on top athletes. The mix of both experiences allows us to make the necessary adjustments to offer a useful, comfortable and long-lasting product.

We only use premium yarns with sufficient micronization. We don't use cheap wool or add materials to reduce costs.

We reinforce our products in the most critical areas to ensure safety, comfort and a good fit.

We have more than 30 years of textile knowledge, you will receive a durable product.

Alpaca fibers naturally form air barriers to maintain temperature in the most efficient way - warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather.

It is a semi-hollow natural fiber that traps air, retains it and insulates it even in extreme humidity or wind conditions.

Find out more about the main properties of our fibers:

The fiber naturally absorbs moisture or sweat caused by the human body, transfers it to the outside and there evaporation takes place. Keep you dry, comfortable and odor-free.

The brilliant natural softness of the alpaca fiber is very beneficial to the skin, has a slight friction on direct contact and reduces the risk of blisters caused by imperfections in the footwear.

The protein fibers are also remarkably strong, cushioned and odorless for all Andina Outdoors products.

Alpaca herds live freely in harmony in their own natural ecosystems and their wool is sheared once a year.

This sustainable and abuse-free industry brings better living conditions and prosperity to one of the most remote regions in the world.

*Machine wash cold with detergent, mild soap or shampoo with the socks.

*Items or accessories must be turned inside out.

*Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

*For longer life, avoid using the dryer.

*Gentle spin drying can be used.

*Hang dry in the shade or sun for up to 3 hours.

Here you can see the different ones.

Sizes according to your shoe measurement.


We currently have 4 categories regarding the thickness/weight of the product:

*Light - Light and fresh
*Medium Weight - Comfortable for any activity.
*Heavyweight - protection and security.
*Extra Heavy Weight - Protects you in extreme weather.

Alpaca wool is a sustainable natural fiber that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Our wool absorbs moisture from the skin using the patented Technikalpaca® process and keeps you dry at all times. The wool blend involved in our process has naturally antimicrobial properties, meaning Andina Outdoors products can be used for days without any bad odors during exercise.

Synthetic fibers like Coolmax are chemical fibers that are only suitable for warm temperatures. Its function is to absorb moisture from the skin and have a quick drying time. Coolmax is a good alternative for those who do not want to use natural and sustainable clothing or are allergic to wool products.

Our products are pre-shrunk.

You have the necessary adjustment according to the size specified on each product page.

We recommend following the washing and care instructions.

We use the best wool available on the market. Our materials meet the highest standards of care and respect for animals.

We work with selected partners to source premium yarns in South America, Europe and Oceania.

Yes, they are recognized athletes and people who love nature.

We also believe in new talent and their development in this field.

If you are interested and would like to share the same values ​​as us, we invite you to write to us at ambassador@andinaoutdoors.de

Our partners do not harm their alpacas, sheep or animals when shearing. There are no bad practices in any way.

The process carried out is natural, sustainable and good for animals, based on ancestral practices of showing respect and care for living beings.

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