Comparison table: accessories

Aero Multiwarmers Seamless ergonomic gloves Multi Hat Viento Rib Chunky Hat
Seasons All weather conditions Winter autumn All weather conditions All seasons
material Baby Alpaca &
Organic cotton
baby alpaca,
Merino wool and
Baby alpaca & silk Baby Alpaca &
Merino wool
Size One size fits all S/M/L/XL One size fits all One size fits all
Anatomical fit
Gender Unisex Unisex Unisex Unisex
Ideal for Yoga, Outdoor &
Daily use
Winter autumn Cold climate and
great heights
Daily use
Special features 4 in 1 products.
Innovative insulation
and a luxurious,
silky feel
Seamless, ergonomic and close-fitting
provides a more natural fit that allows unrestricted movement.
4 in 1 products.
Thermally adaptable,
warm, breathable &
ultra soft
Thermally adaptable,
warm and breathable
Available in 5+ colors